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Top 5 Treatment Picks

At SCL it’s had to pick favorites. Our top 5 treatment picks might surprise you!

Which one is at the top of your list?

  1. SCULPTRA helps to add volume to your face by supporting the skin's natural structure. Common areas include the cheeks and temples. This treatments lands at the top of our list for its natural look and longevity.

  2. EARLOBES! Yes, we are serious! Over time ear lobes can be damaged, torn or stretched. Filler can be added very easily to add back a natural plump to your lobe.

  3. UPNEEQ has been an eye-opening favorite. Upneeq is a once daily eyedrop that lifts lids and helps to brighten that tired look by lifting eyelids. It's perfect for an event or everyday use. Available for purchase in Downtown Ada location.

  4. MASSETERS/ Clenched jaw. Our jaws are often clenched as we sleep and can tighten if we are exposed to stress causing discomfort and bulkiness. Treating with Botox or Dysport allows your muscles to soften and relax making you more comfortable and even produce a slimmer look to your jawline.

  5. NECK. Skin on the neck is delicate and is often forgotten. Smoothing the neck area helps to removes fine lines and wrinkles. Wrinkle relaxer, skincare treatments, laser and microneedling can soften look of the skin. Filler can be added to help soften etched in lines. Skincare product and SPF are also recommended. Techno by Skinbetter Science is our most recommended daily product.

Curious if one of these treatments is right for you? Our team is eager to chat about it…just give us a call or stop into our Downtown Ada location. See you soon!

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