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Fall Skincare: What to buy and why

The weather is changing, and just like your wardrobe, it’s time to swap out a few items to outfit your skin care regimen. Finding the right moisturizer for the season is the biggest adjustment we make as we need a little more hydration into your skincare routine.

Two of our favorites are:

-The Balm Moisturizer by Sorella Apothecary.

Nourish and replenish your skins appearance with this deeply hydrating balm. The velvety balm leaves your skin plump, smooth, and hydrated. Once you experience this luxurious product, you will look forward to every application!

-Sorella Apothecary Avocado Oil Lip Hydrator.

This lip oil helps with the reduction in fine lines plus all-day hydration. Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid work together to brighten, hydrate, and repair your lips. We love the scent and feel of this luxury, all natural product. It’s a lip balm that you will want to use all day long!

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