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Soften your look and your skin using Botox/Dysport wrinkle relaxers. This treatment is customized to achieve your unique goals and typically lasts 3-4 months. No downtime, lunch time treatment. Pricing based on units used.


Botox $13.00/unit   |   Dysport $4.50/unit

micro treatment  |  $200+

Maintain movement + smooth wrinkles with a touch of botox/dysport. Perfect for a newbie or preventative treatment.

excessive sweating
treatment  |  $1200+

Stop underarm sweating before it starts + save your dry cleaning for another day in just 30 minutes. Botox is a simple + effective treatment to stop excessive sweating to underarms. A favorite of men + women alike. Best of all, no downtime required!

SCL lip flip  |  $80+

This treatment is for the individual looking to brighten skin + smooth wrinkles asap! Treatment includes VI Peel + neurotoxin injection in one convenient treatment session. Reveal fresh, smooth skin in as little as 7 days.

full wrinkle smooth  |  $600+

All the benefits of the VI peel + three of our favorite post care products to enhance your recovery.

just right  |  $340+

Brighten eyes and soften harsh lines but maintain a natural result that lets your face still move with the just right botox/dysport treatment.


Fine precision = Beautiful results

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Discover luxury + medical aesthetics in our menu of skin care treatments at Skin CoLAB. Not sure which is best? That’s ok! We will help you select the item best for your skin + goals.
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