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  • How often do I need botox or dysport?
    Everyone is different but it is recommended every 3 to 4 months. Are you starting to see your 11s again? Book here!
  • Can I receive botox and a facial on the same day?
    Absolutely! Your facial treatment will occur first, and your tox treatment will follow. This will optimize the precise placement of your wrinkle relaxer for the best results. Let us know you would like to enjoy a skin care treatment on the same day as your toxin and we will coordinate accordingly!
  • Can I get laser if I am tan?
    Natural tanning and laser are not best of friends. We recommend waiting until your tan has faded before receiving your treatment. Spray tans also need to be gone before laser treatments. We suggest discontinuing spray tanning at least 2 weeks prior to your treatment.
  • Can filler be dissolved?
    Yes! Our board-certified providers can assess and dissolve filler, if necessary.
  • Can botox/dysport be dissolved?
    Botox/Dysport cannot be reversed, but our experienced providers strive to achieve a natural, desired look. They take great care of their patients as to not over inject...most of us with our tox would last forever! ;) If, for some reason, you aren't a fan of tox, that is ok too! All results fade and natural baseline muscle movement returns after about 2-4 months.
  • My VI peel didn’t peel as much as I thought, is there something wrong?
    Healthy, hydrated skin may not peel as much as damaged dry skin. It depends on the individual and your skin condition at the time of your peel. Dramatic peeling or not, know that your chemical peel is still working its magic! Curious about peels? Ask us which one is right for you!
  • Do I need to wear SPF year-round?
    100% Yes! Sunscreen is a must all year long. Even if the sun is not out, indoor lights can cause fine lines and wrinkles. Our sunscreen picks are so fabulous that we look forward to applying them each day. Find your new fave at SkinCoLAB!
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