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prep + aftercare

Prepare for your Peel:

Discontinue retinals and direct sun exposure for one week prior to your VI Peel. 


Peel is not appropriate for pregnant + nursing individuals.


If you have a history or cold sores, notify your provider so they can prescribe a prophylactic medication. 

After your Peel:

Avoid exercise for 3-4 days, Avoid direct sun exposure for one week following peel.

Day 1: You will leave your treatment with product on your skin, avoid touching your face until your first cleanse+ towelette application. You may cleanse with gentle cleanser provided. The product left on your skin, will have a yellowish tint.


Day 2: Not much is happening today (that you can see!). Use towelettes before bed as directed and wait. ... the peeling will start soon!


Day 3-7: Peeling will likely begin around day 3 or 4 and typically start around the mouth. Use your facial nectar, hydrating spray+ SPF judiciously! Remember to let the peel happen ... do not pick or pull flaking skin. 

Peel Tips:

You may wear makeup starting the day after peel. 

AVOID PICKING, instead hydrate the skin with nectar and drink plenty of water.


By day 7 most of your peeling is complete and your FRESH New SKIN is on display!


If you have questions or concerns at any tilne contact Skin CoLAB 616.450.1562 

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