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Have you met Meredith?

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Meet Meredith, PA-C! Meredith has been practicing as a physician assistant since 2006. She completed her training + began her career in Chicago and now resides in West Michigan.

After serving as lead aesthetic injector at a nationally renowned Plastic Surgery office in West Michigan, Meredith founded Skin CoLAB, a private boutique practice in the village of Ada, Michigan, focusing on nonsurgical aesthetics as well as provider education.

Meredith serves as an Allergan Medical Institute National Trainer, Galderma/GAIN National Trainer, is a Master Injector and is well versed in nonsurgical technology and injectable portfolios. Meredith has been identified by major companies such as Allergan Aesthetics, maker of Botox Cosmetic, as a key opinion leader in the aesthetics industry and serves on advisory boards for leaders in the field.

Meredith seeks to contribute the the aesthetics community and provides private training and mentorship to many fellow injectors.

Meredith believes in a holistic aesthetic approach to achieve her patient’s desired goals in a natural, proportional manner.

Known for attention to detail and execution of aesthetic plans that result in beautiful outcomes, she cultivates patient/provider relationships and seeks to add value and exceed patient expectations with every encounter.

Meredith loves being outdoors and spending summer-time at Lake Michigan with her husband and three children and being part of the Ada community. You will enjoy Meredith’s professional, positive demeanor and the genuine care that she brings to each patient experience.

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