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How to Gua Sha at Home

We have had so many guests ask about the Sorella Rose Quartz Apothecary stone. We are excited to share this at home Gua Sha Facial Massage by Skin CoLAB

Supplies Needed:

  • A Gua Sha Tool, we love the Sorella Rose Quartz Stone.

  • Your favorite Facial Oil


While using a Gua Sha and performing Lymphatic Drainage it is important to remember a few things;

1) Apply a good amount of pressure to the skin with the Gua Sha, it is normal for the skin to turn pink

2) Always use upward and outward strokes with the Gua Sha and keep the tool almost flat against the skin (at least 45°). The skin should also be held tight and stretched while applying the lymphatic movements.

3) At each endpoint, wiggle the Gua Sha to help release toxins and repeat steps for a maximum of 3 times for optimal results.

When beginning a Gua Sha facial massage typically to help with lymphatic drainage, it is important to prep your skin to get the most benefit from the Gua Sha. Apply a few drops of your favorite facial oil (an SCL favorite is the Facial Nectar from Sorella) to the entire face, neck, and décolleté. Focus putting pressure on the pressure points on the face while working your movements to the outside of the face. Once your skin is prepped, lymphatic drainage will be so much easier to do, and the outcome will be greater! There are many benefits to Lymphatic Drainage, not only does it give the skin a more contoured look, but it also actually helps to relieve swelling from lymph vessels around the face and body. This can help depuff, sculpt, and stimulate the skin all while feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Relieving Sinus Pressure and Lymphatic Fluid:

*Steps are in no particular order, we like to begin from the chest and work my way up and around the face)

1) Begin with the contoured side of the Gua Sha on the chin and move the tool across the jawline to the bottom of the ear. This helps lift and firm the jowl area

2) Using the pointed end of the Gua Sha, make small circles around the lips. This helps with stimulation and circulation

3) Use the flat side of the Gua Sha beginning at the inside of the cheeks near the nose sliding the tool to the outside of the face. This movement helps lift and soften fine lines

4) Continue with the flat side of the Gua Sha, begin at the eyebrows and glide up toward the hairline to help smooth the look of wrinkles

5) Use the contoured side of the Gua Sha on the eyebrow to help lift eyebrows

6) Use a pointed end of the Gua Sha around orbital bone to help decrease puffiness and dark circles

7) With the flat side of the Gua Sha start at the clavicle and glide upward toward the jaw, repeat this in reverse, starting at the jawline and moving toward the clavicle

All movements should be done symmetrically on both sides of the face repeating up to 3 times if necessary.

Did you know that lymphatic drainage is offered at Skin CoLAB in Downtown Ada during several of our skin care treatments including Hydrafacial and All Natural Facial treatments? Ask for it by name next time you are in or inquire about products for YOUR at home Gua Sha regimen with exclusive tools from Skin CoLAB!

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