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Can Your Skin Care Routine Evolve with Your Age? A Look at Skin Care by the Decade

Updated: Apr 22

20-30s Protection and Prevention

Your 20s & 30s is the ideal time to start taking your skincare seriously. It is all about Protection and Prevention in these 2 decades. When healthy habits start here, they can have monumental effects in later in life. Gentle cleansers, hydrating moisturizers and sunscreen are key to any skincare regimen but if you want to up your game, we have answers! But first, let’s talk about sunscreen. It is an ABSOLUTE MUST, especially now. Protecting your skin now from the sun with a good SPF will save you from melasma, pigmentation issues and possibly cancer in the future. Now onto the other goods: Adding a Vitamin C to your morning regimen will help fight intrinsic and environmental factors. Shop SCL’s favorites! Hydration is a must for younger skin. Keeping it nice a hydrated is key! Adding a Hyaluronic Acid to your AM and/or PM regimen can be very beneficial to the longevity of happy hydrated skin!


Botox Cosmetic and other cosmetic treatments can be done in your mid to late 20s and 30s for preventative measures, while also enhancing the features you have. “Baby Botox” is a small dose of neurotoxin targeting the fine lines and wrinkles that are beginning to appear. Fillers can enhance the features you already have. Keep an eye on fillers! They can help volume loss in the decades to come.


Remember this is the time to curate your skincare for Protection and cosmetic treatments for Prevention in 20s-30s.


40-50s Evaluate and Edit

Now it’s time to Evaluate and makes some Edits in our 40s-50s. Evaluating where your skin has been and where it is at now can help in the future. Years of sun damage can affect where our skin is now in our 40s-50s. Going back to the basics of hydration, Vitamin C and Sunscreen are so important but let’s look at adding a product to target the pigmentation and a product to target lines and wrinkles we might have accumulated over the past few years from sun damage. Pigment inhibitors are wonderful at helping discolored skin heal and return to its even tone. (Alastin C-Radical and Skinbetter Science Alto Advanced are SCL favorites!) These are also the decades that a Retinoid (Alastin Renewal Retinol and SBS AplaRet) is a must. Fine lines and wrinkles are now revealing themselves even more and a Retinoid can help with the cell turnover thus filling in those lines and wrinkles.

We can also edit the pigmentation and wrinkles with BBL Laser, Fillers and Botox/Dysport. The BBL laser is a wonderful treatment to combat the sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Fillers can fill the volume loss and Botox/Dysport will smooth the lines and wrinkles that are appearing. A good treatment to start thinking about is Sculptra in your 50s. We will discuss this more in the 60+ decade of life.


Don’t forget, Evaluate the skincare you are using and know there are Edits that can be made by cosmetic treatments in the 40-50s decade.


60+ Rejuvenation and Rebuilding

Time for Rejuvenation and Rebuilding. In these decades of life, let’s focus on the collagen and volume we have lost as we have aged. Our skincare from our 20s to now has helped hydrate our skin, helped with pigmentation and wrinkles but let's rejuvenate our skin with boosting our collagen loss by adding products like Alastin’s Restorative SkinComplex with TriHex Technology. This amazing technology helps support the skin’s natural ability to create new collagen. There are other products from their line that include this technology, ask a SCL team member which will be best for you!

If we are just now getting into our skincare regimen, we are so glad you’re here, but it can feel overwhelming. Going back to the basics of a good Vitamin C and a Retinoid is a great place to start. Once that is nailed down, add on the products your provider has encouraged you to use.


Rebuilding can take form in the treatment called Sculptra. With the ability to encourage natural collagen in your skin, this treatment is a game changer for volume loss. This treatment along with fillers or Botox/Dysport can help achieve the look of revitalized skin we are long for in these decades.


Rejuvenation can be found in products we use during the 60+ decades of life and Rebuilding our collagen and volume loss with products like Sculptra can make us feel vibrant!


SkinCoLAB is always eager to help anyone at any stage or age of their life to help them feel the best in their skin! Reach out today for a consultation with our board-certified providers and find the products and treatments that are right for you!

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