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Filler rumors #debunked

Dermal fillers are injectables used to help restore volume and smooth static wrinkles.  There are many types of dermal fillers, but commonly used are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. 

HA is a naturally occurring acid in our skin which help give it volume and hydration. Fillers are simply synthetically made HA which can help replace lost volume/hydration. 


Let's run down the most common misconceptions of HA filler: 

1.      Dermal fillers look fake/overdone

When the correct filler for the location/goal are injected by a licensed professional with your goals in mind fillers are a beautiful and common way to enhance one's beauty with very natural results. Did you know that Skin CoLAB boasts nationally recognized providers known for a natural and restorative approach and results? Beauty restoration with HA filler is one of the tools that they use to achieve this reputation and patient outcome.

2.      Dermal fillers are permanent

SCL utilizes HA fillers that give immediate enhancement however will slowly dissolve over time (6-18months depending on product selection and placement location). The HA fillers used at Skin CoLab are also reversable, an important safety quality of the products.

3.      Dermal fillers do the same thing as Botox/Dysport/Other wrinkle relaxers

Although filler and wrinkle relaxers such as Botox are both injectables, the injection types and outcomes are very different! Botox/Dysport are neuromodulators which soften muscle movement and treat wrinkles of movement for several weeks.  Fillers are used to treat static lines and replace volume for moths-years.

4.      Filler is painful

While filler treatment involves a poke or two, the treatment is known to be very tolerable. The fillers themselves also contain lidocaine which aids in pain relief.  Skin CoLAB providers are also able to provide custom compounded numbing solutions prior to procedure which makes the treatment more comfortable!

What are you waiting for? HA filler is a powerful tool that, the the right hands, can optimize outcomes and create sophisticated outcomes that will leave you feeling fresh for months to come! Schedule your Face Consultation to learn more.

Thank you to Skin CoLAB Master Injector Jen Gates, NP,

BC for this filler breakdown!

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