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SPF 365 | We're not kidding...

SPF in the winter? Seriously. Here’s why…

Daily use of SPF on dreary winter days may seem like overboard skincare…but you may be shocked to know that the UV rays that have the most impact on aging are present regardless of sunshine 365 days a year. Read on to get a quick PhD in UV Rays + Skin Health…

The sun emits three primary types of ultraviolet (UV) rays that impact the skin…UVA, UVB and UVC. We don’t talk about UVC rays much because these rays are mostly absolved by the Earth’s atmosphere and do not reach the surface…that leaves two primary UV rays to understand: UVA and UVB.

“AGING” UVA rays (Ultraviolet A) have a long wavelength which means they can do a deep dive into the skin’s layer, all the way to the dermis. These rays are present throughout the day and can even pass through clouds and glass (hello Midwest issues). UVA rays are known as AGING rays because they contribute to skin aging, wrinkling, and sagging. They also contribute to the development of skin cancer.

“BURNING” UVB rays (Ultraviolet B) have a shorter wavelength and primarily impact the skin’s outer layer (aka epidermis). These rays are the typical “sunshine rays” being most intense between 10am and 4 pm and more prevalent during the summer months. UVB rays are the culprit of sunburn and development of skin cancer. They also prematurely age the skin.

It's important to protect yourself from UV rays of all types, but the forgotten UVA Rays are prevalent year-round and contribute the most to aging. Shade, protective clothing and sunglasses are key when you are in the elements, but don’t forget that SPF every day will significantly improve your exposure and BONUS keep skin looking younger.

Our PRO TIP is using Alastin Hydratint and/or Skin Better Science Tone Smart SPF as daily makeup year-round. These products are great for your skin, provide a BB cream like tint PLUS are PHYSICAL sunscreens meaning they protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays without any chemical absorption.

Have sun damage? Skin CoLAB’s Sciton Forever Young Laser treatment is a quick and effective way to lift unwanted sun damage, clear red pigment and reveal healthy youthful skin.

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