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Laser season is HERE!

Skin CoLAB is excited to announce Sciton Mjoule laser treatments at Skin CoLAB!

Our team knows that laser treatments are an important piece of the skin care puzzle and wanted to offer gold standard technology for our patients. We did extensive research, traveled in and out of state to practices, and performed demonstrations on multiple laser platforms. Again and again, the Sciton Laser proved to be the absolute BEST laser technology on the market…and because we are curating only the best for our patients…it is the system for us.

Skin CoLAB selected Sciton BBL HERO because Sciton Laser is the premier laser worldwide and new HERO technology delivers treatment 4x faster with 3x the strength and the most comfort over other technologies. Laser is safe, more comfortable, and faster than any other laser technology.

What does a laser treatment do?

Laser treats brown pigment, red pigment, blood vessels, rosacea acne, offers skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal from head to toe.

How many treatments will I need?

This varies depending on treatment type. Pigment between 1- 3, laser hair removal between 4-8.

What is the difference between IPL and BBL?

SCL selected BBL by Sciton over IPL because we wanted to offer the best to our patients. BBL was studied at Stanford University and is the only pulsed light technology proved to functionally rejuvenate skin at the genetic level. Also, BBL has unique capabilities that IPL devises do not have which allows us to deliver fast and safe treatments with superior results.

We researched and traveled to consider multiple platforms and Sciton was the clear superior device.

Will BBL hurt?

Our treatment is unique to minimize discomfort. The light is delivered thru a chilled sapphire crystal which naturally pulls heat from the skin, also HERO technology makes this treatment 4x faster and thus more comfortable than traditional/older technology.

How do I prepare for treatment?

No tan skin allowed! Plan to limit sun exposure for the weeks before and after your laser treatment. Tanned skin (including self-tanner) limits treatment ability. You may also want to adjust skin care products that increase sensitivity prior to your treatment.

Is there downtime after a BBL treatment?

After a typical BBL treatment there is a mild redness and sunburn feeling that fade a few hours after treatment. There may be mild swelling and brows will become darker before the body naturally exfoliates in about a week. You may apply makeup immediately after your treatment.

What are the most popular treatments?

Brown and red pigmentation to the face and body (face, neck, chest, hands, lower arms and legs are popular treatments) (Forever Young)

Rosacea treatment (Forever Young)

Acne treatments (Forever Clear)

Laser Hair Reduction (Forever Bare) for the face and body (bikini line and underarms are some client faves)

Sciton is the most trusted and advanced laser in the industry, and we will be sure everyone is trained top to bottom so we can execute incredible outcomes. Visit us to find out more about laser treatments for your skin!

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