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Aesthetics + Medicine: Do I Take the Leap?

Meredith Kent MS, PAC, Skin CoLAB Ada + Science + Beauty LLC

Take a peek to this article written for colleagues by Skin CoLAB's very own, Meredith Kent, PAC.

Let’s be real…as health care professionals, we are being tempted with a sweet treat. Aesthetic medicine is booming and the allure of treating healthy patients in an elective setting is practically mouthwatering for the exhausted health care professional of 2023.

This, combined with the reality that a vial of tox and syringe of filler might be a credit card swipe and weekend class away is enough to lure any provider looking for an easy exit from the grind of conventional medicine. So…should YOU take the professional leap to aesthetics?

Having launched a and led a successful aesthetic practice and training center, I would like to offer some comments and words of wisdom to those considering taking a leap or simply looking for an aesthetic home for their face or career.

1. Aesthetics is all or nothing:

A successful aesthetic practice is more than a part time gig. While easing into a full schedule and space is a reality, the commitment to the practice of aesthetic medicine is a full-time mentality. For better or worse, aesthetics can appear to be “light medicine” from afar, however the field carries a host of intricate and ever changing medical and professional implications that require full attention. Successful practitioners and practices immerse themselves and fully commit to the field of medicine in which they operate.

2. Aesthetics requires a medical mindset:

Education, qualifications, and continuing education are required in aesthetics. Treatments are invasive and medically focused. Don’t be fooled! The “glamorization” of procedures must not diminish a practice’s commitment to the medical training requirements required to carry them out. Educate patients, insist on due diligence among your team, and treat with medical principles, science, and the patient’s best interest as your north star. Be ready to identify and treat complications and establish a network of collaborative providers in your area who will serve to provide second options and support when needed.

3. Aesthetics requires a clear vision:

New devices, procedures, products and treatments are launched daily. A successful practice will understand their focus and will chase it fiercely. Distraction and fear of missing out (FOMO) is foreshadowing of an aesthetic practice’s demise. Successful providers make decisions that are science based and within the scope of their greatest interests and expertise. Don’t be a “general aesthetic practitioner.” Know who you are and train and hire according to specific talents and interests. Be the expert in your niche. Your spirit and bank will thank you for avoiding this fatal FOMO aesthetic mistake.

As the deep and wide field of aesthetic medicine grows, let’s treat it with the respect it deserves. Longevity, excellent outcomes, and a positive impact can be yours if you commit to your field, honor the integrity of medicine and the patients who place their trust in you.

To learn more about medical aesthetics, training and the business of aesthetic medicine follow Meredith Kent, MS, PAC @sciencebeauty_pac_ and @skincolab_ or get to know her practice @ in Downtown Ada, Michigan/Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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